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Centrifugal Casting
Centrifugal casting of Babbitt from 2" to 36" in diameter and 2" to 72" in length.
Custom & Standard Babbitt and
Bronze Bearings

St. Louis Bearing, Inc. has been providing top quality bearings since 1946. We specialize in Babbitt Bearings, and bearings designed in bronze. We manufacture both standard and custom bearings, quantities anywhere from one to long-run OEM. St. Louis Bearing is currently OEM for two of the nation's leading pump manufacturers. We do centrifugal casting from 2" to 36" in diameter and 2" to 72" in length, and static casting up to 8 feet in diameter.

We can manufacture and repair almost any bearing you have, either by print, reverse engineering, sketch, etc. Also, we have a great deal of experience in repairing tilt and thrust pad type bearings. RTD and thermal couple probes installed at our shop or your site.

Each bearing receives an ultrasonic test and is accompanied by an inspection report upon delivery. Ultrasonic certification is available through an outside source when required. Ultrasonic tests show that the quality of our bond is consistently in excess of 90 percent, far above the 85 percent minimum MIL-SPEC requirement.

Guide Bearing
Machining of a guide bearing with a bore size of 56" and a flange diameter of 84".
Multi Ton Lifting Capacity
With our multi-ton lifting capacity, we can machine bearings that weigh up to 5 tons. This bearing weighed 9,800 pound and was 6.5 feet long, total Babbitt weight of 1,800 lbs!
This bearing is used in the mining industry.

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