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The Babbitt Bearing Specialists

24-Hour Emergency Service - Manufacturer and Repair
Custom & Standard, Babbitt and Bronze Bearings.

  • St. Louis Bearing, Inc. has over 51 years of experience in this specialized field, enabling us to rebuild your existing Babbitt bearings at a substantial cost savings over the new bearings.

  • A special feature of our company is our 24 hour a day emergency service. Use of this service saves money because of the reduced down-time while waiting for repairs. We provide quick turnaround when you require it, and have the facilities to repair up to multi-ton bearings.

  • St. Louis Bearings has safety approval for MIL-SPEC and Nuclear Generating Stations. Each employee at St. Louis Bearing is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in the industry. The fact is, St. Louis Bearings, Inc. is an employee owned business, so each employee knows that quality & service to the customer is the biggest priority.

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Our Clients Include:

  • Major Power Companies of the Western States
  • Major Electric Motor Manufacturers
  • All of the Major Oil Refineries
  • Electric Motor Rewinding Shops
  • Compressor Rebuilders
  • Rubber Companies
  • Cement Companies
  • Steel Mills
  • Shipyards

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